A survey was done on 21 November 2012 for the proposed removal of the playground behind block 338 Woodlands Street 32 and the construction of a sheltered drop-off point to facilitate easy access during those rainy days. The survey was conducted by the RC volunteers from Woodgrove Zone 7 RC who went door to door to get the opinions of the residents in Blk 338 Woodlands Street 32. Most of the residents welcomed the idea and voted Yes to the removal of the playground and the replacement of the sheltered drop-off point in its place. But some  of the residents especially those with children preferred for the playground to stay as they feel the playground in front of their block is near to the main road and are worried for their children's safety, unlike the playground at the back of the block is much more secluded and the presence of traffic is minimum.

Some also voiced out the noise created at the basketball courts even though the lights of the court is turned off at 10pm, teenagers usually carry on playing till late at night. There were a few residents who also suggested wheelchair friendly ramps which will be helpful for easy access with wheelchair bound and elderly residents.
For those who still are unaware, SMRT is building a new line, Thomson line to connect the north to the city.. see how this affects your property prices.. 
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We wish everyone a happy deepavali! Im pretty sure the traffic at the causeway is going to be pretty heavy but for those headed to JB, currently there is some Promotions for Deepavali by some Indian Restaurants across the border you should check out.. click our Across the Bridge page for latest  promotions!

As we were walking past Blk 2, Marsiling Drive  tonight, something colourful and grand caught our attention at the void deck. Probably most of you can guess, it is a Malay wedding, something most Singaporeans are familiar with, especially with recent events, in which Amy Cheong, then an assistant director with the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) who posted some really rude, insensitive and unacceptable remarks on her Facebook timeline in regards of Malay Weddings which is held at Void Decks on Sunday 7 October 2012 and immediately created a public outcry which resulted her losing her job the very next day and her relocating to Australia.

Well back to our story, we were walking and the decor caught our attention, we were impressed with the amount of effort and details in which the whole place was presented. It certainly looks beautiful, tastefully done and the word that comes to mind, dignified. We walked commenting how the chandeliers look good, the colour scheme is good, the details down to the drinking glasses. 

As we were commenting, some of the family members who are there preparing for the big event tomorrow looked at us, so we told them we were appreciating the whole decor. They humbly said its just a simple wedding decor, nothing fancy and invited us to join them for the big event the next day upon finding out that my companion stays in that particular block too.

We smiled, then a man in his 40s-50s, Mr Ishak started chatting with us, informing us that its his son's wedding and its just a simple one, he shared many life stories, from his earlier occupations doing construction to washing airplanes at Seletar airport to living at the defunct Bukit Timah Turf Club, turns out Mr Ishak was in the same primary school as my companion. They talked about fondly remembered teachers, then moved the conversation to national military service (NS) which all men in Singapore have to go through. 

Mr Ishak shared with us that he had just moved here 2 months ago, brought us drinks and we ended up talking to more than an hour, he also introduced us to his cousin-in-law (Mr Dul) who is in the pest exterminator business. Mr Dul can get rid of bedbugs, black ants at a really cheap rate. For example to get rid of bed bugs, companies will usually quote $300-$400  while he will charge only $120-$150. So if anyone of you needs his services, email me at woodlandstime1@gmail.com and i'd provide you his contact. Guaranteed to get the job done!

Mr Ishak also shared about problems he encountered with his past HDB transaction, which he is forced to downgrade. He jokingly said lucky he managed to solve it with his property agent's help, if not he'd have to live in a tent on the beach. His property agent actually forked out his own previous commission from Mr Ishak to cover the shortages. Lucky for Mr Ishak he engaged a trustworthy, responsible and kind hearted agent. I think its amazing how you can touch someone with a good conversation that they are willing to share their life experiences with you, even though you were strangers less than 40 minutes before.

He tells us that he used to like tenting in Changi Point with his family but no longer does so because he is scared of getting fined, now that he is staying in Marsiling, he now take his leisure time at Woodlands Waterfront, we also shared with him that there's a new Halal seafood restaurant called 'Rasa Istimewa' which just set up shop on the pier less than a week ago. 

We ended our enjoyful conversation with a promise to drop by tomorrow for the wedding.  Do wait for the pictures!
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There's a new food joint in town, apparently Rasa Istimewa has open a branch here at our Waterfront Park, its located on the Pier, i always think that a restaurant on the pier is a great idea, i mean seafood restaurant over the sea? foolproof plan right? i'm thinking to head over the weekend to check it out and get some pictures. If the food is good, i will cover them in Food Snob.  So exciting! So wait for the reviews